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Redi-Rock is an innovative wetcast retaining wall manufacturing system, a respected brand, and the key to growing your business. Redi-Rock provides concrete manufacturers with a proven forming system, engaging training, award-winning marketing, industry-leading engineering backup, and tons of ongoing support. See why 130 other precasters, ready mix companies, and construction companies have partnered with Redi-Rock to grow their businesses around the world!

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What is the opportunity?

Becoming a Redi-Rock manufacturer will diversify your precast product line and increase your revenue stream. Redi-Rock is a unique licensed business opportunity with a complete product line of textured large block retaining walls, freestanding walls, steps, and caps that look great and are backed by proven engineering. 

Opportunity Investment

What is the Investment?

Every market is different, so Redi-Rock offers a variety of options to get started as a licensed manufacturer. Let’s look at some details of the investment options—and the returns those investments can generate.

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What is the Production Process?

Making Redi-Rock requires equipment, production space, concrete, and a production staff. With these basics covered, the actual production process is relatively simple. Click here to learn more about how Redi-Rock blocks are made.

What is Redi-Rock anyway?

In a nutshell: Redi-Rock is a precast concrete, large block retaining wall system that uses giant, 1-ton blocks that stack together like Legos to build tall retaining walls. However, there's so much to this versatile system than we can fit here. To get the real scoop on Redi-Rock, watch this short video!

What are others saying?

Over 130 manufacturers in the United States, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Russia, France, Algeria, and the Republic of Korea have partnered with Redi-Rock in this strategic business opportunity. View their testimonials to learn why Redi-Rock is a good fit for their businesses. 

"We started in the Redi-Rock business in 2006, mainly because we were looking for some alternatives to what our everyday business was. We already had a lot of the construction equipment we needed to do the installs with so we thought this would be a good tie in because we could manufacture blocks and do installs as well."  

Irvin Vittitow 
Vice President of Redi-Rock of Kentuckiana

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