How Licensing Works

Redi-Rock has been licensing equipment to precasters, ready-mix companies, contractors, and more since 2000. Redi-Rock Licensing is defined as an independent relationship, not a franchise.

With a franchise (like McDonald's), individual stores have no control over the supply chain, selling cost, marketing, etc. At Redi-Rock, we are entrepreneurs like you. As a Redi-Rock manufacturer, you control your own supply chain, pricing, and sales.

Licensing means you own your forms, and as long as you follow the latest terms and conditions of the Redi-Rock contract, you can use whatever mix design, coloring, or approved lifting devices you choose.

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The Redi-Rock Business Model

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Your Role as Licensee



The key to success with Redi-Rock is for each manufacturer to have a dedicated technical sales person who focuses on Redi-Rock and handles presentations, quotes, takeoffs, and installation assistance. Redi-Rock will then provide training, tools, and marketing support to help you become the go-to retaining wall guide in your area!


As a Redi-Rock manufacturer, you produce Redi-Rock products for your local market! The important thing is that your Redi-Rock products meet the latest specifications so that customers around the globe have confidence in Redi-Rock’s performance. Inventory and delivery is a key part of your role as well!

Engineering Resources

Engineering Resources:

Redi-Rock is an engineered product, and the engineering team has built a robust suite of tools and resources available to help you promote and sell Redi-Rock. The engineering team is also instrumental in ongoing research and development to keep Redi-Rock at the forefront of retaining wall innovation.

Our Role as Licensor

Marketing Support

Marketing Support:

To land projects, you need great leads. Redi-Rock International maintains a robust marketing campaign to reach engineers and architects and produce top quality leads for Redi-Rock manufacturers. You also have access to award-winning marketing tools to use as part of your own local marketing efforts.



The Redi-Rock network includes 130 manufacturers who have centuries of combined experience with Redi-Rock. Multiple times a year, the manufacturers get together at training events or webinars to learn from each other about what’s working, what’s not working, and how to build stronger businesses.

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