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French concrete manufacturer Redi-Rock press

French Concrete Manufacturer Spurs Business Growth by Adding Retaining Wall Production Equipment

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Turner Concrete Growth Redi-Rock press

Turner Concrete Products Continues Growing

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Lachaux Beton-BBlox Redi-Rock press

Lachaux Beton-BBlox Chosen for Exhibition of French Made Products

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Redi-Rock press Friday Harbor Resort

38,000 Precast Modular Blocks for the Construction of the Friday Harbor Resort

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Pärnu Graniit Bridge Estonia Redi-Rock press

Pärnu Graniit Provides custom solution for Mustla Bridge in Estonia

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Les Prefa Bressuirais France Redi-Rock press

Les Prefa Bressuirais in France sees early success with the Manufacture of Retaining Wall Blocks

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Hurricane Harvey Redi-Rock press

Precast Modular Blocks Weathered Hurricane Harvey: Key Proof of Cost-Effective Storm Water Solution

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MEDC International Trade Program Redi-Rock press

Redi-Rock International Moves From Zero Export Sales to Global Market Leader Thanks in Large part to the Support of MEDC's International Trade Program

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Estonian Redi-Rock Producer press

Sole Estonian Redi-Rock Producer Utilizes Unique Retaining Wall System

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Redi-Rock Hollow Core Precast Modular Blocks

Hollow Core Precast Modular Blocks Help Manufacturers Cut Raw Material and Freight Costs

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Aas Betong AS Uses Automation & Precast Modular Block Products to Overcome Labor Shortages in Norway

Aas Betong AS Uses Automation & Redi-Rock to Overcome Labor Shortages in Norway

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Pacific Coast Landslide Repair Constructed in Under Five Months

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Redi-Rock Honored with Presidential "E" Award

LANSING, Mich. - During a year that has been especially tough for businesses, Redi-Rock International has been recognized by the President and the U.S. Department of Commerce for innovative ideas and expertise in the world of global exports.

"We believe you don't look at international barriers, but international opportunities," said Andrew Nickodemus, Global Account Manager at Redi-Rock. "We're looking to help change the world, in concrete ways."

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