The Redi-Rock Licensing Opportunity

Licensing Redi-Rock’s extensive selection of in-demand retaining wall solutions means you’ll be backed by industry-leading innovation and support while maintaining the freedom to find success on your terms.

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What Licensing Means for You

You produce and sell a leading international product that makes it easier for your customers to do their jobs. We help put success within your reach with a global team of technical experts and award-winning marketing efforts.


Redi-Rock licensing is an independent relationship and not a franchise. In franchising arrangements – like McDonald’s fast food stores, for example – individual operators have little control over their supply chain, product offerings, pricing, and marketing. Some business owners might appreciate the rigidity of a traditional franchise scenario, but if you’re reading this right now, we suspect you’re not one of them.

Joining the Redi-Rock network as a licensee means that you’ll purchase and own your forms and molds. You’ll choose which Redi-Rock products to offer, set their pricing, and control your local marketing. Your Redi-Rock licensing arrangement is based upon our belief and confidence in you. Once we both determine we’re a good mutual fit, we’ll help you identify your market and equip and train your production and sales operations. Then we’ll step into a consultative role, ready to help if or when you need us.

What Our Partners Receive from Us

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Comprehensive Engineering Resources

Redi-Rock features the most robust suite of engineer-developed tools and resources in the retaining wall industry. Standing behind those materials are the technical experts themselves, available to help navigate challenging projects you and your customers may encounter.

Investments in Innovation

An innovative spirit gave rise to the creation of Redi-Rock and fuels it still today. We’re always seeking products and practices that make walls better and installations more efficient for our partners and their customers.

Ongoing Training and Development

Whether it’s on-site instruction for your production team or the multiple training and peer networking opportunities Redi-Rock hosts annually, we’ll make certain you have access to all the knowledge you need to succeed.

Award-Winning Marketing Support

Redi-Rock coordinates and funds brand-building domestic and international marketing campaigns designed to generate leads and shortcut your sales efforts. We also make available to you a library of marketing assets for your company’s independent use.

What We Receive from Our Partners

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Initial Equipment Purchases

You’ll need high-quality, USA-built forms and molds to produce Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks and accessories. Together, we’ll build a production equipment package tailored to your specific market and business goals.

Royalty Payments

Redi-Rock's royalty program follows a per form per month system. Each form features a serial number that allows Redi-Rock to track the more than 6,000 forms used in production across the world. Royalty payments are largely invested back into the business to ensure you and your peers continue to receive best-in-class research and development, engineering assets, and marketing support.

Commitment to Good Business

Redi-Rock is widely recognized as the world’s preeminent retaining wall solution. This reputation has been achieved through the diligence and care of our producer partners, who value high-quality and responsive service above all else.

Redi-Rock Territories Explained

Partnering with Redi-Rock secures you the right to manufacture within a specific territory. This isn’t the same as selling within a particular region. Redi-Rock products may be sold by licensed manufacturers without any territory restrictions.

Two types of manufacturing relationships are available to producers: Exclusive and Licensed.

  • Exclusive manufacturers purchase a defined region that prohibits Redi-Rock from selling additional forms to manufacturers in that territory.
  • Licensed manufacturers pay a reduced monthly royalty but have no protection from another licensee producing Redi-Rock in the same area.

Your Redi-Rock business consultant can provide further details about your market potential and discuss which territory type is best for you.

Why License With Redi-Rock?

Licensing isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you. Consider a few benefits of joining the Redi-Rock producer network.

Market Expansion

You’ll tap into new markets without having to invest heavily in technical support, marketing, and other costly needs.

Expertise and Resources

Add expert-level experience and support to your company without having to hire, train, and compensate new employees.

Speed to Market

Leverage existing brand recognition, production capabilities, and relationships to build a presence in your target market.

Peer Support

Information sharing within the network is commonplace. Chances are good peers have faced a similar situation and can provide guidance.

Be Your Market’s Top Wall Solution Provider

Find out if you’re well-positioned to introduce Redi-Rock to a market hungry for a top-tier retaining wall solution.

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Who controls the pricing of Redi-Rock blocks?

Redi-Rock manufacturers exclusively control their product pricing. You know your market and your associated production and sales costs. Redi-Rock does not and will not set your product pricing. We do offer assistance with pricing strategies, including a survey of our manufacturers each year to learn more about regional pricing practices. We then share this aggregated information with participating producers so they can make more informed pricing decisions.

How does Redi-Rock’s royalty program work?

Producer royalties allow manufacturers to receive:

  • Expert engineering engagement for products and projects
  • Continuing research and development to improve existing technology and create new products
  • Award-winning brand marketing support and assets (web, print, video, and beyond)
  • High-quality technical tools like installation and product guides, interactive design charts, and analysis software
  • Manufacturing territories

Learn more about how we’re built to help manufacturers reach their peak potential.