What degree of profitability can you achieve with Redi-Rock?

For the last 20+ years, entrepreneurs like you have chosen Redi-Rock to diversify their precast business, add a new revenue engine, and insulate their operations against economic downturns.

Diversity and Demand Drive Profit Potential

Profit shouldn’t be a dirty word. Hard work, vision, and a willingness to do what others don’t should pay off in the form of reliable revenue. The Redi-Rock business model is built around a product that’s always in high demand and offers pricing flexibility to ensure its producers see a handsome return from their efforts.

redi-rock wall next to building

Supply the overwhelming choice of experts worldwide

Globally, Redi-Rock manufacturers sold 1.05 million blocks in 2022. That’s more than 6 million sq ft (557,418 sq m) of blocks helping architects, engineers, municipalities, and developers retain the earth, control water, and maximize usable land.

Protect your business from economic uncertainty

Redi-Rock wall systems can be found on hundreds of recession-resistant government projects like bridges, highways, harbors, trail systems, and airports. Even if private sector infrastructure investment slows, Redi-Rock helps you keep your bottom line predictable and profitable.

Retain complete control of your product pricing

Some licensing circumstances place pricing requirements on licensees. With Redi-Rock, you establish your product pricing. No one else. We also survey producers annually so you can develop a pricing structure based on timely data and regional trends.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend on Equipment to Get Started?

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all model or mindset. The 130+ Redi-Rock manufacturers across the world each started with an equipment package tailored to their markets, their production capabilities, and their profit goals.

Redi-Rock’s largest current manufacturer (who produced more than 70,000 blocks in 2023 alone!) kicked off production with a $40,000 equipment investment in 2006.

Depending on factors like labor, material sourcing, etc., it’s entirely possible to get started by investing as little as $50,000 in the right forms and molds. The majority of new producers get started in their market with the purchase of $90,000 – $100,000 in forms and molds. Note that you’ll need some additional equipment to produce and deliver Redi-Rock, which isn’t reflected in this estimate, but if you’re a current precaster, you may already have most or all of this equipment.

Assessing your current situation will go a long way towards helping us recommend a right-sized initial Redi-Rock equipment purchase. Give some thought to the questions below, and let’s have a conversation.

  • Do you own a precast production facility? If not, do you have access to or the capacity to produce ready-mix concrete?
  • Do you have precasting experience and manufacturing capacity within your current production team?
  • Do you have relationships with contractors who install retaining walls or engineers who design retaining walls?
  • Are you willing to add a salesperson who’ll promote Redi-Rock inside and outside your company?
  • Where do you want to sell your Redi-Rock product?
  • What are your revenue targets? What do you need to generate annually to consider the addition of Redi-Rock a success?

Your self-assessment and market observations give us a great starting point to explore if you’re in a position to be successful with Redi-Rock.

An Equipment Package Tailored to Your Market

Together, we’ll establish recommendations tailored to YOUR desired market and YOUR revenue targets. After all, if YOU’RE not successful, WE’RE not successful.

Get Custom Pricing

The Decision-Makers: Who Will Buy Your Redi-Rock Solutions?

To become your market’s premier retaining wall solutions expert, you’ll need a good grasp of your market’s purchasers, including what they’re seeking and their top priorities.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers – who are involved in both private and public projects – prioritize structural integrity, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness. They value retaining wall solutions they (and others) can trust above all else because their name and reputation are staked to the project.

Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects place priority on aesthetic appeal, design versatility, and compatibility with surroundings. They appreciate systems that allow them to create new and unique designs and seek solutions that integrate well with a site’s surroundings. Landscape architects also value product suppliers who can offer product technical and design expertise.

Construction Contractors

Construction contractors prize ease of installation and supplier support. Efficient project execution means they can promptly move on to the next opportunity. Enjoying a solid relationship with their product supplier ensures they’re well-versed in installation best practices and can install quickly and confidently.

Property Developers

Property developers look for earth retention solutions that offer cost-effectiveness, speedy installation, and long-term durability. Retaining walls are often required to prepare a project site for building, so their quick installation allows the development’s construction to get underway sooner.

The Evolution of a Project

If you’re new to precast concrete solutions, you may wonder how to sell a project best. While every job can proceed differently, most projects include standard steps that move from concept to completion. Below is a representation of how a typical project might move forward, from inception to completion.


Be Your Market’s Top Wall Solution Provider

What types of retaining wall systems is your area seeking and how can you fill that need? Use Redi-Rock to become your territory’s better option for earth control solutions.

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What makes a Redi-Rock manufacturer profitable?

More than two decades of experience have shown that our most successful Redi-Rock manufacturers prioritize the following:

  • Hiring a highly skilled salesperson or building a top-notch sales team to present Redi-Rock to project owners and decision makers
  • Developing a relationship with local engineering advocates to speak on behalf of the product
  • Maintaining adequate inventory to ensure project readiness
  • Training key players in installation and maintenance best practices so projects are completed to project owners’ satisfaction
  • Controlling costs by seeking the most efficient production processes and managing logistics with a proactive approach

But remember, you’re not alone on your journey. We’ve got teams of experts standing by to help you get to where you want to go. Learn more about how we can help.

Who purchases Redi-Rock?

The list of Redi-Rock’s end users is long and diverse. Here are some examples of individuals and industries likely to purchase your wall solution:

  • Commercial developers
  • Governments (local, state, federal)
  • Universities and colleges
  • Large retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Utility providers
  • Rail transport companies
  • Homeowners

Our producers are learning of new and innovative Redi-Rock projects every day, so this list is just a sampling of the many satisfied end-users of Redi-Rock.