Video Testimonials

Why do Manufacturers Choose Redi-Rock?

At Redi-Rock International, our company vision is to partner with our stakeholders to realize our potential together. We are confident in our products and in the services we provide to our network of manufacturers, but don't just take our word for it! View the video testimonials below to listen to current Redi-Rock manufacturers talk about their experience with Redi-Rock.

How Successful Manufacturers Spur Profit & Growth

Hear what three successful Redi-Rock manufacturers have to say about what it takes to be profitable with Redi-Rock, and their secrets to achieving growth.

Why Marketing Efforts Make a Difference

How does Redi-Rock's national marketing campaigns and web development initiatives affect Redi-Rock manufacturers internationally? Hear from several successful Redi-Rock manufacturers about why national marketing is important, how it works, and why they choose to partner with Redi-Rock.

Doing Business with the Manthei Family

Redi-Rock is a family owned and operated business. If you're considering adding Redi-Rock to your business, it's important to know who you'll be working with! Watch this video to hear what Scott Stevens, owner of Quality Concrete in Nova Scotia, thinks of working with the Manthei family.

How Product Innovation Affects the Team

What are some of the recent product innovations that Redi-Rock has launched, and how do those affect Redi-Rock manufacturers? Hear from a few of them and catch a vision for why Redi-Rock cares about innovation, and where Redi-Rock is heading!

Redi-Rock of Kentuckiana: Our Story

Hear from Irvin Vittitow, Co-Owner of Redi-Rock of Kentuckiana to learn why Redi-Rock is a valuable part of his business and how he got started.

Ronald Reagan Drive: Project Testimonial

Curious what end users think of Redi-Rock? Hear directly from engineers and city officials who chose Redi-Rock for this 19.5 ft. tall gravity wall to create access to the new FBI headquarters in Cincinnati.

Project Testimonial: The Parklands

See how the Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System allowed this road to be built at a new park system in Louisville. This project required multiple Redi-Rock walls across multiple phases. Watch to hear what the engineers and architects think about the PC System.

Florence Storm Channel: Project Testimonial

In some applications, getting the blessing of local homeowners is critical to the success of a project. Check out this video, which profiles a storm channel that cut through a residential neighborhood. Hear from the city officials, engineers, and homeowners who absolutely love how this project turned out.

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