What is the Return on Investment?

Can you make money producing Redi-Rock?

Yes! However, the amount of success you'll experience is a direct result of the work you put into developing your business.

Over the past decade, Redi-Rock products have made an average of $170 per cubic yard ($130 USD per cubic meter) of concrete.

Every business calculates profit based on its own unique variables, and we want to get you the information you need to calculate the profit potential for your business.

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Determining Your Return on Investment

Information on Material inputs, required equipment, royalty numbers, and starter package outputs is available upon request


Labor inputs vary greatly based on your unique business. Here are a couple factors to consider when looking at labor costs:

  • Plant Layout Efficiency: Organizing forms for maximum use of laborers’ time is essential. Please contact your rep to work on the most efficient layout for your space.

  • Double Casting: Many Redi-Rock manufacturers pour twice a day or more, especially in warmer climates.

Sales Force

Hiring a dedicated technical sales person to sell Redi-Rock products is crucial for the success of your Redi-Rock business. This is an investment for the first couple of years to seed the market and build a strong foundation for future growth.

As you grow the market, this investment will pay off. We recommend speaking to other successful Redi-Rock manufacturers to get a better idea of a cost structure. A quality sales person can sell between 10,000–15,000 blocks per year in a good market.

Product Pricing

You set the price of Redi-Rock products in your market. Your sales price should be in line with market demand in your area, taking into account where the Redi-Rock solution fits in with the competition.

For example: Redi-Rock is a great alternative to poured-in-place walls. Researching the market pricing for poured-in-place walls will give you an understanding of the Redi-Rock product sales range. Also, keep in mind that Redi-Rock is not a competitor to small block dry cast products.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Redi-Rock?

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