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Who is Redi-Rock?

At Redi-Rock International, our team is passionate about helping the manufacturers in the Redi-Rock network be successful. When you become a Redi-Rock manufacturer, you will have access to a variety of helpful resources as well as the support of the Redi-Rock marketing, engineering, sales, and production teams, who you can meet here.

Continue reading below for more details on the support each team provides.

Engineering Support

We are proud of the Redi-Rock engineering department and the support they offer to manufacturers and end users. Since 2000, the engineering department has built a solid reputation as the technical authority in the large block retaining wall industry, and have shared their expertise in a variety of technical resources that have been developed for manufacturers and specifiers.

The engineering department supports Redi-Rock manufacturers with:

  • Technical assistance and training
  • Product development
  • Equipment performance testing
  • Public agency promotion
  • Industry trade organization and standards committee participation
  • And more...

Feel free to contact the engineering team. They love to talk about Redi-Rock solutions and would be happy to answer any questions.

Marketing Support

The marketing team at Redi-Rock supports manufacturers on multiple levels to drive end users to buy from local manufacturers. Redi-Rock’s marketing program is modeled after the “Consumer Decision Journey” concept that focuses on identifying the places where the Redi-Rock brand intersects with a potential user and creating tools to make those intersections of the utmost quality.

These tools include:

  • Advertising in national trade publications and online
  • Partnering with these publications to send targeted email campaigns to qualified contacts
  • Publishing editorial content in relevant trade publications
  • Developing video content to release on multiple channels
  • A strong schedule of trade shows each year
  • Maintaining a social media presence through Facebook and LinkedIn
  • And maintaining and continually improving

Production Support and New Product Development

Producing quality blocks is vital to this business. Redi-Rock is always available to answer questions and provide training about production issues. This includes:

  • Availability to answer questions about forms and inserts via phone and email
  • Tips on best practices for producing Redi-Rock blocks
  • A 200+ page user manual

Redi-Rock also has a full team dedicated to research and development.

The R&D team is continually improving existing products and testing new products to keep Redi-Rock on the cutting edge of our industry. Our team comes up with innovative technologies that the competition struggles to keep up with.

Currently, there are several new products in the works set to reveal in the near future.


Redi-Rock holds multiple training and networking events for Redi-Rock manufacturers each year. These include:

  • The Redi-Rock Summit, where manufacturers gather for company updates, networking and trainings
  • Online trainings multiple times each year through the Mastermind Webinar Series
  • And individualized training from your sales rep

You also have various manuals at your disposal, including:

  • The User Manual
  • Design Resource Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Plus engineers on staff to help answer your questions about the content in these manuals

Customer Service

At Redi-Rock, we strive to provide the very best customer service support possible. Our team:

  • Automatically route leads to local manufacturers using sophisticated zip code tracking and automatic emails
  • Routes phone calls to local manufacturers when end users call the home office
  • Answers your questions about shipping and billing
  • Fulfills literature orders
  • Hosts several events throughout the year
  • Help manufacturers locate relevant case studies and photos to help with their local marketing

Sales Support

The Redi-Rock sales team provides significant value to Redi-Rock manufacturers by:

  • Distributing leads
  • Providing business consulting
  • Holding annual Regional Meetings
  • Making sales calls to local engineering firms with local manufacturers
  • Providing material/equipment quoting

These guys will be a huge resource when you sign on as a Redi-Rock manufacturer. Get to know the sales team on the staff page here.

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