The Blocks That Make the Difference

Be the difference-maker in your construction market with Redi-Rock – the great-looking precast modular block that architects, engineers, and installers choose to build big walls with ease and efficiency.

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More Than Just a Block

Every Redi-Rock block is simple to install, features a natural-looking face texture, and is engineered to work together with other Redi-Rock block types. You’ll produce blocks in various sizes with multiple features, ensuring you’ll give your customers a custom, optimized solution for each of their projects.

Retaining Blocks

Redi-Rock retaining blocks hold back the earth and comprise the largest share of the product portfolio. Retaining blocks can be produced in multiple configurations and measurements and several specialty versions are also available.

Solid retaining blocks include 28 in (710 mm), 41 in (1030 mm), and 60 in (1520 mm) versions and are typically used to erect gravity walls and hybrid gravity/mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls.

Hollow Core blocks feature the standard 41 in (1030 mm) block and the massive XL Hollow Core, whose 52 in (1320 mm), 72 in (1830 mm), and 96 in (2440 mm) versions allow for taller gravity walls in tighter spaces, depending on site conditions.

Freestanding Blocks

Freestanding blocks are used in barriers, seat walls, and other cosmetic features that aren’t required to retain earth. Freestanding blocks typically feature texture on two sides and can be anchored on the tops of walls to act as barriers themselves or to host fencing.

Solid Freestanding blocks can be produced in straight, corner, and force protection configurations. Force protection blocks include cast-in rebar hooks that can be affixed to adjacent blocks to add additional strength to barriers.

Freestanding Hollow Core blocks are very versatile, easily hosting top-of-wall barriers without the need to core drill. They can also be filled with concrete during accelerated installation to create flood protection walls.

For complete block details, including block measurements, volumes, weights, and more, visit the Redi-Rock Block Library.

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Block Textures

From classic, straight-from-the-quarry surfaces to modern, sleek faces, producers can customize their blocks to match the look of regional rock formations or introduce something new with more contemporary options. Either way, Redi-Rock’s proprietary polyurethane molds will help you deliver flawless finishes. Explore our gallery →


Cobblestone offers an Old World quarried stone relief. Each 41-in (1030 mm) block features the appearance of six smaller blocks.


Appearing weathered by water, Kingstone provides the look of a natural stone outcropping’s crown.


Ledgestone is the most detailed texture, offering a random, stacked stone finish.


Providing a natural clefted texture, Limestone delivers a rough-hewn quarried look on a grand scale.


Sophisticated, clean lines add a modern look with Redi-Rock’s Smooth texture.

What Makes Redi-Rock Blocks Special


Redi-Rock has been helping engineers, architects, developers, and contractors solve earth retention challenges since 2000. So what makes it the number one choice for vital transportation, water, development, utility, residential, and government projects everywhere?

In one word: versatility.

There just isn’t another retaining wall system available that handles the variety of projects Redi-Rock does. With dozens of block types to make installation more efficient and deliver a stouter, more secure wall, you can leverage the versatility of Redi-Rock to become your market’s wall solutions expert. Familiarize yourself with the look and dimensions of the many blocks you can produce and provide, and let’s see if a partnership is in our future.

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Supply the World’s Best Wall Solution

Your local wall designers and installers will come to rely on your Redi-Rock solutions to make a difference for them in a variety of projects. It’s simply a better answer than the alternatives.

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What sets Redi-Rock apart from other products you might choose to license?

With Redi-Rock, you’ll offer your customers a complete solution for gravity and MSE/reinforced retaining walls, freestanding walls, and accessories with unmatched natural stone textures. No other large block system on the market offers a comparable solution.

In addition to offering a one-of-a-kind product, Redi-Rock producers enjoy:

  • Outstanding service and support
  • Robust engineering tools and professional engineers on staff
  • Innovative products, including a reinforced solution (the Positive Connection System) that is the only large block on the market that can meet the LRFD specs
  • Demonstrated commitment to product research and development and continually improving technologies
  • Award-winning advertising campaigns and marketing support

On top of all this, you’ll deliver a branded solution with an established reputation as the global leader in the retaining wall industry.

How is Redi-Rock installed?

Redi-Rock is engineered to be installed with basic machinery and a small crew, ensuring working with Redi-Rock is simple and efficient. For comprehensive installation information, review our detailed Redi-Rock Installation Guide.