Make Large Block Retaining Walls. Make an Impact on Communities.

Redi-Rock producers help engineers, architects, developers, and governments across the globe solve their biggest land retention problems. And they make communities stronger while doing it.

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Manufacturers in more than 170 locations producing in 31 countries


Blocks sold in each of the past three years (2021-23)


Fulfilled requests for technical support in 2023


Project leads provided to Redi-Rock producers in 2023

The Partnership Path to Success

We work alongside you to build your successful retaining wall production and sales operation. One block at a time.

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What We Do

Redi-Rock is a family-owned and managed licensing company. Our team designs and manufactures intelligent equipment for our licensed manufacturing partners to produce industry-leading precast concrete retaining wall blocks. But we don’t stop there. Our partners receive ongoing production, technical, and sales support from Redi-Rock’s operations specialists, seasoned engineers, business development professionals, and marketing experts.

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What You Do

You embrace your trailblazer mentality and become the go-to resource in your market for retaining wall solutions that maximize land use, support transportation infrastructure, protect homes and businesses, and more. In the simplest terms, you’ll produce high-margin Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks within your licensed territory and sell the blocks to construction contractors. But just as importantly, you'll educate architects, engineers, developers, and governments about the versatile, durable, and attractive earth retention solutions they'll create with Redi-Rock.

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Redi-Rock has significantly boosted our business, not only contributing substantially to our revenue but also creating opportunities for our other business ventures. In an industry that is often challenging to promote, it’s an attractive and high-quality product that commands the market’s attention. Redi-Rock’s value to our company is further enhanced by the effective marketing strategies, production support, and technical resources offered by their team.

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Impacting Communities Across the World

Redi-Rock producers are making impacts on their regions and growing their businesses in 31 countries and counting.

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Learn More About the Products, the People, and the Purpose

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Profit Potential

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Service & Support

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