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What is the Initial Investment to Get into this Business?

There are multiple packages that can be customized to suit your market's needs as you get started with your Redi-Rock business. Check out the Equipment Investment page, or contact your sales rep to learn more.

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What Makes a Redi-Rock Manufacturer Profitable?

Over a decade of experience has proven what common factors the most successful Redi-Rock manufacturers share. These include:

  • Building a highly skilled sales person or sales team
  • Developing a relationship with an engineering advocate
  • Maintaining adequate inventory
  • Training key players in installation
  • Managing logistics
  • Controlling costs

For more details on these items, visit the Profit Potential page.

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What are the Cost Inputs I Need to Consider when Manufacturing Redi-Rock?

We want to get you the information you need to see if Redi-Rock makes sense for your business, including:

  • Material inputs
  • Equipment inputs
  • Labor inputs
  • Sales inputs

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and we will email you a PDF of cost inputs so that you can more accurately calculate your profit potential!

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How Does the Business Model Work?

Check out the Business Opportunity page to learn all about it! Request more info for even more details on the business model.

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What Does Licensing Mean?

That is a great question. Many think that licensing is akin to franchising, but it isn’t.

For example, if you buy a McDonalds franchise, then McDonalds controls your supply chain, your pricing, your marketing, the brand, etc.

Redi-Rock is not like that. At Redi-Rock, we are entrepreneurs, like you. You control your own supply chain, your own pricing, your own sales, etc. Licensing means you own your forms, and as long as you follow the latest terms and conditions of the Redi-Rock contract, you can use whatever mix design, coloring, or approved lifting devices you choose.

That’s being said, licensing also means that you have Redi-Rock International standing behind to to help with award-winning tools to make you successful.

You have access to a motivated team that wants to see you make money in the Redi-Rock business.

There is a lot more to learn about licensing. Start digging into it on the Business Opportunity page or request a copy of the Licensing e-book here.

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What Do I Get for Paying Royalty?

Royalty is the part of the Redi-Rock licensing agreement that allows Redi-Rock International to provide:

  • Top-notch engineering support
  • Continuing research and development to improve existing technology and create new products (often at the suggestion of manufacturers)
  • Award-winning marketing (web, print, video, and beyond)
  • High quality tools such as interactive design charts and the free Redi-Rock Wall Analysis Software
  • Manufacturing territories

For more about the service and support Redi-Rock provides, view the Service & Support page.

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How is Redi-Rock Manufactured?

Check out the Production page to learn about the manufacturing process in detail! Here is a brief overview of the process:

  • Prep the forms with release agent and color
  • Pour the forms with concrete and vibrate
  • Let the product cure
  • Strip the blocks from the forms with the lifting eyes
  • Transport the blocks with the patented fork slots to inventory
  • Repeat the process

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How Much Space do I Need to Produce Redi-Rock?

We would love to get you that information. The engineering team has developed several plant layout options that you can request here, BUT these are just ideas. The Redi-Rock forming system has been used successfully in variety of layouts. Please contact your sales rep to talk about your individual needs.

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How Long Do Your Rubber Molds Last?

The deep, natural texture you see on Redi-Rock blocks is created using a rubber mold that fits inside the steel form.

Redi-Rock started in year 2000 and several manufacturers that started in those first few years still use the exact same rubber molds.

However, we can’t guarantee you will get the same results. These results depend on how you take care of the rubber molds. A few tips include: keep the molds out of direct sunlight, store the molds properly when not in use so they keep their shape, use the proper recommended release agent on the rubber, and clean them on a regular basis.

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Who Controls the Pricing?

Redi-Rock manufacturers control their own pricing in their own market. Concrete, color pigments, and aggregate costs vary in each market so Redi-Rock International does not and will not control your pricing.

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Who Are the End Users That Purchase Redi-Rock Blocks?

The list of customers who typically purchase Redi-Rock is long and varied, but here are a few examples (in no particular order):

  • Engineers and landscape architects
  • General Contractors
  • Home Owners
  • Developers
  • Municipalities
  • Military Bases
  • National Accounts (WalMart, Walgreens, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Outliers like the rail industry that sometimes have LARGE projects that are worth pursuing

Interested in who else purchases Redi-Rock? Contact your sales rep to learn more.

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What Services and Support Does Redi-Rock Offer?

We’re proud of the service and support we offer Redi-Rock manufacturers. You can learn more about the service and support component of this business opportunity here!

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What Training is Available to Redi-Rock Manufacturers?

Redi-Rock holds multiple training and networking events for Redi-Rock manufacturers each year. These include:

  • The Redi-Rock Summit, our largest gathering of Redi-Rock manufacturers held every 3 years
  • Annual Regional meetings to network with the producers in your region
  • Online trainings multiple times each year through the Mastermind webinar series
  • And individualized training from your sales rep

You also have various manuals at your disposal, including the User Manual, Design Resource Manual, and the Installation Manual (plus engineers on staff to help answer your questions about the content in these manuals).

Learn more about the training Redi-Rock offers on the Service & Support page.

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Who Would I be Working With?

The Redi-Rock staff is committed to making Redi-Rock manufacturers successful. Learn more about Redi-Rock’s history here and Redi-Rock’s staff here.

You'll also have access to over 15 years of experience and market building through networking with the Redi-Rock network of manufacturers.

This network is diverse and varied; you will find peers in the precast, construction, and ready mixed concrete industries. You will find LARGE companies and tiny ones; new manufacturers and manufacturers who have been with Redi-Rock for a decade or more. What they have in common is that they are committed to growing the industry.

You will also find a wealth of experience and a willingness to network and support each other both in-person and online on our producer-only LinkedIn Group where manufacturers ask questions and give answers about production and marketing questions. Plus, you'll make strong connections and opportunities to network with other Redi-Rock manufacturers at the in-person meetings and trainings we host.

When you become a Redi-Rock manufacturer, you won't be alone; you will be embraced by the Redi-Rock family and pushed to make money with the system.

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Is Redi-Rock for Me?

We will answer that question with another question: Are you willing to make the investment to hire a dedicated sales person who will be the champion for the Redi-Rock product line within your company? Over a decade of experience has proven that the MOST successful Redi-Rock manufacturers are the ones who dedicate their resources towards hiring a sales person to focus on the Redi-Rock product line. We want you to be successful, so we’re telling you--this is what it will take.

Learn more about if Redi-Rock is for you by checking out our Testimonials and Video Testimonials pages to see some successful Redi-Rock manufacturers and what they have to say about what makes a successful Redi-Rock business.

While there are many manufacturing territories still open, some manufacturing territories are not available at this time. Please contact us to see if Redi-Rock is available in your area.

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What Sets Redi-Rock Apart?

When you manufacture Redi-Rock, you have the ability to offer your customers a complete solution for gravity and reinforced retaining walls, freestanding walls , columns, caps, steps with unparalleled natural stone textures. No other large block system on the market offers a complete solution that compares.

In addition, Redi-Rock offers:

  • Outstanding service and support
  • Robust engineering tools and professional engineers on staff
  • Innovative products, including a reinforced solution (the Positive Connection System) that is the only large block on the market that can meet the LRFD specs
  • Commitment to R&D; continually improving technologies
  • Award-winning advertising campaigns and marketing support
  • 1-2 in-person trainings per year, plus “Mastermind Webinar” trainings throughout year (see more about trainings below)
  • Established reputation as leader in the industry - branded solution

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How is Redi-Rock Installed?

For a detailed look at installing Redi-Rock, please check out the Installation Manual here.

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